Bicycle and Wine? – Let’s meet in Etyek!

Selfguided Bicycletour with E-Bikes (only Friday, Saturday, Sunday) :

Brandnew E-bicycles from leading German producer Kalkhoff are waiting for your tour in the City Center of 1075 Budapest, Madach Imre ut 12. Have a ride to the South-Railwaystation in Buda. The regional train will transport you in 35 minutes to Bicske. There you will find the Bicske-Etyek bicycle way. Alternatively you can explore an unpaved route through a nice landscape, far away from any traffic. Expect ca. 16km.

Enjoy the autumn feeling in the wine region of Etyek. Traditional cellars from originally German settlers and modern wine technology. Predominantly white wines. For returning you have various options, from going back to Bicske or closer to Budapest Herceghalom, or even Biatorbagy (ca. 8km). Then get on the train (every hour) and relax ! We are happy to give advice which route to choose.

Reservation necessary ! Tel. 0036 30 300 8 003

Approximate distance of the bike tour in Etyek:ca. 30km
Price (Kalkhoff E-Bike)
9 900 Ft/Person
Alternative: Price with KTM Cross- oder Trekkingbicycle5 900 Ft/Person
Subject to changes
E-Bike Kalkhoff Berleen

The price includes the bicylce rent for a day (09:00 – 19:00), the train tickets and the advice on the route.

Do you want to make a tour over several days ? We are happy to make you an offer. The E-Bike is 9 900 Ft/bike/day, the KTM Cross- or Trekking bicycles 3 600 Ft/bike/day.

The Tour can also be done with KTM Cross- or Trekkingbicycles (28″, 24 speed, different frames and sizes). Children/Youthbicycles are also available, please make a pre-reservation !

Attention: You have to pay a deposit of 10 000 Ft/bike (KTM) and 70 000 Ft/E-Bike and have to show an official personal document. Guests with Hungarian Residency (“lankcimkartya”) can leave a personal document instead of the deposit.
The Trekking- and E-Bikes have dynamo-operated lights installed. The Cross-bikes can be equipped with LED lamps.

We provide locks, helmets and high-visibility vests.

Attention: You are using the bicycle on your own risk and responsibility. This is not only limited to damages and injuries of your own, but also to third parties. Like with an own bicycle you are also responsible for theft and loss. We are strongly recommending to use the locks in all cases. Make sure to lock the bicycle to a non-movable object, especially also when making only short stops. Your are also responsible to respect the Hungarian traffic regulations. Please note: the Hungarian traffic regulations do not ban alcohol for a bicycle rider, but you have to be able to ride the bike safely under all circumstances.

We are strongly recommending to limit the wine tasting to pure tasting of a small quantity. Do not ride the bike drunk !

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