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Children’s Corner

Bike & Relax provides bicycle solutions for your kids – welcome on tour

Attention: Children equipment and bicycles only together with adult bicycle rental

Bicycle transport solutions for your kids

2,500ft ca. EUR6/day
Children’s seat (rack mounted) up to 22kg

4,900 ft ca. EUR14/day

One-child trailer (here with baby seat) up to 25kg
3,900ft ca EUR14/day
Children’s bike with 24″ (ca. 10 years)

3,900 ft ca. EUR 11/day
Children’s bike 20″ (ca. 6 years)
4,900ft ca. EUR14/day

Tug-a-bug (symbol foto; wearing a helmet is strongly recommended!) from ca. 120cm (ca. 5yrs)

4,900ft ca EUR14/day

Scott 26″ (from ca 12yrs)

2,500ft ca. EUR6/day

Baby seats for frame of rack mounting

Woom 5 (24″) 8-10 yrs HUF 4 500/day
Woom 6 (26″) 10-13 yrs, HUF 4 500/day
Helmets included

Helmets included

TypeWoom 5 or 6 Child seat – frame or rack mounted (up to 22kg)20″ (ca. 6 yrs)/24″ (ca. 10 yrs) /26″ (ca. 12 yrs) Bike (not Woom)Child trailer (max. 25kg)tug-a-bug (ca. from 5 years)
RentHUF 4 500/dayHUF 2 500/dayHUF 3 900/dayHUF 4 900/dayHUF 4 900/day
Rent for a guided tourHUF 4 500HUF 2500HUF 3 500HUF 4 500HUF 4 500
Children’s Corner: Rental prices per day or during a guided tour; helmets included (please note: children’s equipment can only be rented for a guided tour OR with adult bicycle rental). – all prices subject to changes, pre-reservation strongly required; children bicycles & equipment only with adult bicycle rental
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