Historical and cultural monuments of BUDAPEST and SZENTENDRE, the Margaret Island, cozy little streets, cruise and of course the natural treasures of the Danube await you on that tour.


START: 1:30 pm (13:30)

1 mai - 2 september 

Thursday - Sunday


START: 12:00 am

3 september - 28 october  

Thursday - Sunday


Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 25 km
Price: HUF 18 600 (ca. EUR59)/ person
Pre registration required! 
Price includes:
- 1 hour cruise on the Danube back to Budapest
- refreshment drink


  • The guided tour shows the most beautiful and imposing buildings of Budapest. We admire some UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Andrássy Avenue and the Danube Bank of Budapest, we see the beautiful Palaces on the Liberty Square and the magnificent Parliament building.
  • Afterwards we cycle in the big park of the city, the Margaret Island, where there are numerous sights to be found. On the bicycle track of the Buda side, we continue our way northwards until we reach the sport and recreation zone the beloved Roman Bank at the Danube where we take a break.
  • The last stretch of our tour leads through the fabulous forest and along the banks of the Danube before we reach the romantic small town Szentendre, popular because of its culture, atmosphere and beautiful location.
  • After the break and sightseeing, a pleasant one-hour-cruise awaits us on the Danube back to the downtown.
  • Enjoy the sights of the danube banks, forests and UNESCO protected Budapest World Heritage Sites!

Price includes:

  • 1 hour cruise on the Danube back to Budapest
  • refreshment drink
  • tour guide
  • KTM Cross Bike 24 gear 2017
Budapest, Andrássy street 7.

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