Customer declares that he/she takes part in the complete tour (for example bike tour, canoe tour, shipping, bathing in rivers, travelling by Bike & Relax's car etc.) at his/her own responsibility and risk in all respects. If accompanied by children the customer declares his/her full responsibility for the children.

Customer declares to be able to ride a bike, to be aware of and will obey the traffic rules and not to be under influence of drugs or alcohol.

Customer declares to take over a bicycle and other items specified for the tour, will examine the proper function before starting and takes the responsibility to return the bike and other items in the same condition.

The customer will inform the tour guide or Bike & Relax immediately of any malfunction or damages during the tour.

Bike & Relax reserves the right of changes to tours without prior notice due to circumstances out of control.

Bike & Relax cannot be held responsible for unforeseeable accidents, technical defects or any force major and delays caused by such events.

Bike & Relax reserves the right to refuse services to customers being under influence of alcohol or other drugs, disturbance of other customers or massive violating traffic rules or causing any security hazard.

On the tour Bike&Relax staff can take photos or videos that could be used for promotional purposes. In case you have any objections to using these images please inform Bike&Relax staff before the tour.

Complaints have to be submitted immediately or latest up to 7 calendar days after a tour. Complaints after that period cannot be excepted. Complaints shall be submitted by email to

Programs with more than one service and programs over 24 hours are organized and run by Bike & Relax GmbH & Co. KG (Weimarer Str. 84, 1190 Wien). Bike & Relax GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for organizing and delivering these services.

Any bookings have to be confirmed by Bike & Relax in order to become valid. Bike & Relax reserves the right to changes including cancellation of a tour until full payment of the tour is received.




The Renter rents a „KTM Cross Bike Life One 24“ for his/her own use in Budapest.

The Renter declares to use the bicycle on own risk and responsibility. This includes damage and loss of the bike and other accessories, also when caused by third parties.

With taking over the bicycle the Renter has inspected the proper condition of the bike and other accessories.

The Renter declares to be able to ride a bike, will obey the regulation of road traffic and is aware that to use the bike under the influence of alcohol and drugs is forbidden.

The Renter hands over a deposit of 10.000HUF or 30 EUR- per bike and is entitled to get back the deposit when returning the bike on time and in undamaged condition.

Damages exceeding the deposit have to be borne by the Renter.

In case the bicycle is not returned on time the company/lessor is entitled to charge an additional fee of HUF 1.000/hour. After closing the fee doubles. Not returning the bicycle is a crime.

The agreed value of the bicycle is 220.000 HUF, which has to be paid when the bicycle is lost or not returned.


We only use personal data such as name, address, phone number and email as specified by the data protection laws. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties or sold.