An entertaining and adventurous day trip from Budapest to the natural treasures of the Danube Bend and Visegrad.

Bicycle, Train, Canoe



early pre-registration required 




pre-registration required


private tour only !

START: early start recommended for example 8:00 am

Duration: full day (08:00 am - ca. 18:00)

Distance: 12 km in canoe, 17km on bike (extension possible)

Price: From HUF 82 500 (ca. EUR 250) (depending on number of people)

Included in the price:

  • tour guide for the bicycle- & canoe-tour,
  • train tickets
  • KTM Cross Bike 24-speed bicycle
  • canoe, life jacket, helmet (not obligatory)



  • TRAIN + BICYCLING + CANOEING (ca. 3 hours)
  • bike tour on the - maybe - most beautiful cycling trail in Hungary, at the Danube Bend
  • panorama of Visegrád Castle - seat of the ancient kings of Hungary
  • sandy beach at Nagymaros: take a bath in the second largest river in Europe
  • refreshing mountain springs
  • explore the Danube-Ipoly National Park in a canoe
  • pure nature and water adventure

Included in the price:

  • tour guide for the bicycle- & canoe-tour,
  • train tickets
  • KTM Cross Bike 24-speed bicycle
  • canoe, life jacket, helmet (not obligatory)

Not included:

  • consumption (food / drink), souvenirs, tipps


  • The Eco-Adventure tour with KTM Cross bikes starts from the famous Andrássy Avenue in Budapest's city centre. You will arrive after few minutes at Gustav Eiffel's Nyugati Railway Station, from where you take the train to the Danube Bend.
  • Enjoy the panorama from Szob and have a lunch before we continue into the National Park.
  • We explore the beauty of the Danube-Ipoly National Park by canoe move down the shallow (0.2-1.2m), gentle Ipoly River downhill (12 km).
  • The tour is suitable for less experienced people as well, as the water is very shallow and usually allows you to stand on the ground.
  • After a break you will continue into the Danube Bend on one of the most beautiful bicycle trails in Hungary.
  • From there, following the beautiful river, you arrive at Nagymaros (ca. 17km) with picturesque views (20 km). Courageous bikers can try out the feeling of diving in the second largest river in Europe at a sandy beach, while on the other side the Visegrád Castle is watching you from the top of the mountain.
  • You will have the option for a local snack at the beach.
  • Take the train back to Budapest (arrival between 18:00 and 19:00).
  • There is the option to continue by bike to the baroque town of Vác, all along the Eurovelo 6, the famous trail along the river. Attention: the option needs an agreement of the full group.

Clothing and miscellaneous:

  • You shall wear light, casual cloths and especially sport shoes. For the beach and canoe you shall have a bathing dress and preferably a towel. Sun hat, glasses, a sun lotion maybe advisable. We recommend a rucksack or bag which you can carry on your back while riding a bike. We will provide you with a life vest and helmet (not obligatory). We recommend to take some (antialcoholic) drink with you.
  • Participants do not need any special training for this tour, but should be able to ride a bike safely for at least two hours and to sit in a canoe for 2.5 hours paddling.
Budapest, Andrássy út 7.

Subject to changes.