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Budapest-Szentendre: self-guided (e-)bicycle tour with optional train/boat trip

Explore Budapest & Beyond: A Self-Guided Bike Tour to Szentendre (ca. 25km)

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Embark on a bicycle adventure at your own pace. Whether riding solo or with your private group, our curated recommendations set you on the path to discovery. You’re the captain; decide when and where to drop anchor.

Destination: Szentendre

Journey to Szentendre, a charming city just 25 km north of Budapest. Known for its Mediterranean vibes, this gem is nestled along the Danube’s banks and is accessible almost entirely via a dedicated, newly-renovated bike path.

What’s On the Route

Margaret Island: A lush oasis in the middle of the Danube.

Roman Beach in Buda: A tranquil escape in the city.

Szentendre: A haven of narrow streets, rich history, and vibrant art scenes. 

Culinary Stops: Indulge in local flavors at the welcoming eateries along your path.

Effortless & Family-Friendly

A flat, manageable ride offering enriching experiences for all ages. Expect to devote at least 5 hours to this scenic round-trip.

Flexible Return Options

Summer weekends (Fr/Sat/Sun) + Wednesday: Wind down with a leisurely boat ride back to Budapest.

Every day: Opt for a quick and convenient train ride.

With the train you’ll disembark at Budapest’s central Batthyány Square, by boat leave at Vigadó Square.

Special Inclusions

  • Bicycle Rental (E-bikes from Kalkhoff, regular bicycles from KTM with 24 speed)
  • Bottled Water
  • Guide book (for usage during the tour)
  • lock
  • toolkit (please note: we cannot provide on-site service&assistance during the tour)
  • helmet (not obligatory)
  • tickets boat/train

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Bicycle way Budapest-Szentendre at Lupa Lake.

Take one of our KTM trekking- or Cross bicycles or a Kalkhoff e-bike for this trip. Children seats/youth’s bikes on request.

KTM Cross Bikes 24 speed (men & unisex versions)

KTM Trekking men’s frame 24 speed

KTM Trekking (holland style) 24 speed

Kalkhoff Berleen 5G e-bikes