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Historic Downtown Bicycle Tour with Scenic Views – start 10:00 daily*

Embark on a Journey:
Begin your exploration in the beating heart of Budapest’s Jewish District at Madach Imre ut 12. Surrounded by the energy of Gozsdu Court and the charm of Madach Square, you’re in the perfect starting point for an unforgettable adventure. Ready to ride?

Experience the Grandeur:
Cruise down the renowned Andrássy Avenue, with the majestic Opera House as your backdrop. Dvelve into the depths of Hungary’s poignant history at Heroe’s Square and the House of Terror. Craving historical insights?

Discover the Enchanting:
Glide through City Park to encounter a fairytale castle and the warm embrace of the Szechenyi Baths. Eager for enchantment?

Urban Exploration:
After soaking up the Jewish Quarter’s history, stand in awe at St. Stephen’s Basilica and uncover the tales of Liberty Square in the Financial District. Fascinated by the city’s tales?

Break for Wonder:
As we reach the Parliament, you have the option to pause and reflect. Need a moment of wonder?
Panoramic Views and Cultural Wonders:
Continue to the Danube River Bank for breathtaking views. Traverse the historic bridges of Budapest and marvel at the Rudas Turkish Bath. Want to capture these views?

The Final Stretch:
Your journey culminates at the Grand Synagogue, leaving you in Madach Square, where dining and nightlife await. Ready for the final awe-inspiring sights?

Tour Essentials:
Distance: Approximately 15 km
Duration: Around 3.5 hours
Daily Departures: Winter 10:00 AM*/Summer 10:30* (*Subject to minimum participation)
Weight Limit: 110kg per participant
Special accommodations for children and families are available upon request. For a personalized experience, we recommend our private tours.

The actual route may change due to weather and traffic conditions.

This tour requires the ability to ride a bicycle safely in traffic conditions. Although we mainly go on bicycle lanes and quiet streets, traffic has to be expected. For families with small children, we recommend a private tour.

*) start between November and March 10:00 daily April – Oktober 10:30, depending on capacity and minimum participants

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