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Bicycle Rental of KTM CROSS- and TREKKING Bicycles in 28″ with 24 speed and different children bicycles. Available also children seats and a child trailer.

NEW in 2023: KTM XStrada 20 Gravel bikes with Carbon fork; comes in different sizes and also with racks on the rear

KTM XStrada 20 with Carbon Fork – Day rent 12,500 HUF (ca. EUR 32)

Also in our program: KTM Strada Road bikes in 52 and 55cm; E-Bikes from leading German producer Kalkhoff (Kalkhoff Berleen Move)

KTM Strada 1000 Roadbikes in 52 and 55cm. Day rent HUF 8,900 (ca. EUR 23)
E-Bicycle from Kalkhoff, in different sizes, diamond- and trapez-frames. Day rent HUF 12,500 (ca. EUR 32)
KTM Cross Bike Life One 28″ in different sizes, some with racks. Day rent HUF 5,500 (ca. EUR 13)
Tug-a-bug, day rent HUF 5,500 (ca. EUR 13)
Woom 5 & 6 (8-12 years) Day rent HUF 5,500 (ca. EUR 13)

Bicycle Rental

We are trying to keep our bicycle in best condition. Therefore we kindly ask you to report immediately any technical problems. Please check the bicycle carefully at handover. Make sure that the brakes are working and gears can be shifted.

We are also happy to provide helmets, available are both adults- and children helmets. It is not obligatory to use a helmet. In Hungary the use of high-visibility security vests (reflecting vests) is obligatory on public roads out of towns. We can provide you that as well. In cases of bad visibility or nighttime you are also obliged to use front and back lights on the bicycle. Our Trekking and E-Bikes have built in lights, the Cross bikes and Roadbikes can be equipped with small LED-lights. Please note that they are most suitable for city traffic. Lights, helmets and vests are free of charge.

KTM Trekking- and E-Bikes have mudguards and racks on the rear. Most Cross-Bikes can be equipped with removable mudguards and some cross bikes are available with racks, though most not.

By renting a bicycle the client accepts full responsibility for the bicycle, like with an own bike. The client is also fully responsible for damages to third parties. The agreed value of a KTM cross- and trekking bike is EUR 800, the KTM road bike is EUR 1200 and has to be reimbursed in case the bicycle is lost or stolen. The agreed value of an E-bike is EUR 2000 and has to be reimbursed in case the bicycle is lost or stolen.

When renting a bicycle the client has to pay a deposit. The deposit is HUF 10,000 for a KTM Cross bicycle and HUF 20,000 for a KTM road bike or Gravel bike for one day rents (or shorter) and EUR 100 for multi-day rentals. Hungarian residents (“lakcímkartya”) can replace the one day deposit (HUF 10,000) with an official identity card. The deposit on multi day rentals has to be paid. The deposit on an E-bike is always EUR 100 or equivalent in HUF. Deposits are being reimbursed when handing back the bicycle in appropriate condition.

In case of technical defects during your journey we will try to assist you on the telephone and be ready to send a picture with your smartphone. On multi-day trips you will get a “first aid” repairkit from us. We expect you to be able to handle a flat tire or a chain which came off. Otherwise we will help you with finding a bicycle repairshop, although we cannot guarantee for it. In case that some transport has to be arranged for the defect bike the transport costs have to be borne by the client (like with an own bike).

Loss Damage Waiver: The client has the option to cover his risk from theft with an additional payment on multi day rentals. The fee is EUR 12 for the first 24 hours, after that EUR 4 per additional 24 hours. Example: Rental of 4 days means EUR 24,- per bicycle. Attention: Only available for KTM cross- and trekking bikes. The bicycle has always to be locked to a non-movable object. The bicycle must not stay on a public area over night. Please take a picture with your smartphone of the locked bicycle. If the lock is broken, keep the broken parts as a proof. Please bring a police report if the bicycle is stolen.

Attention: Children’s Bicycles and equipment can only be rented together with at least one adult bicycle.

1075 Budapest,
Madach Imre út 12

Tel: (06)303008003
prices in HUF, subject to changes
KTM Cross-bicycle
KTM Cross-
min.2 price/bike
KTM family
offer (2+2)
E-Bike or KTM XStrada (Gravel)
E-Bike or KTM XStrada (Gravel)
KTM Strada
KTM Strada
min.2 price/bike
WOOM 24″ and 26″
1 day = 24hrsEUR 13.00EUR 12.-EUR44.-EUR 32.-EUR 64.-EUR 23.-EUR 20.-EUR13.-
Danube Bicycle Trail:
Budapest – Vienna
dayrent plus transport feeexample: 2 people, 4 days
EUR 200,-
4 days
Price table

All content subject to changes, especially due to currency fluctuations

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